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Arts events

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Milligan College’s theatre cast and crew delivered a scintillating performance of “Godspell” during the 2013 Homecoming Weekend.  Godspell is a dramatic retelling of the childhood Sunday School Bible stories many of us know and love, but with a little twist.  While this musical incorporates the typical showchoir melodies and tunes, the script is updated to current events.  One particular Bible
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The Odyssey

Milligan’s performances of The Odyssey took place April 11-14. The show was a beautiful display of theatre finesse and craft. Pamela Adolphi did the set and lighting designs; the music was created by Brad Easteridge; and Richard Major of course, directed the show. The visuals of the show were the most breathtaking part of the show, adding an element to
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Mr. Buff

The fifth annual Mr. Buff pageant took place the night of March 22 in Seeger Chapel. This year’s event was hosted by Chris Boswell and Carshala Davis. The pageant was open to all male students who wanted to compete for the crown and included three categories: fashion, talent, and a question and answer segment. The night was filled with many
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Buffalo Tales

Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide-range of elective courses at Milligan, one of which is the “Introduction to Storytelling” class. This group of student puts on an evening of entertainment each year by sharing their storytelling talents with the public. This year’s “Tales from Buffalo Creek” was the fifth annual storytelling evening. The event was led by
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Humanities Tour 2012

Every year a group of students takes the journey to find what it means to be human to a whole different level. During the summer, faculty members take students through various places in Europe in place of taking the last semester of Humanities. This year the students were accompanied by Dr. Ted and Jane Ann Thomas and Dr. Curtis and
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Women’s Track and Field

    Team: Haley Cox- Freshman Heather Exline-Senior Megan Gaspardo-Junior Ashley Hansen- Junior Krsiten Haun- Freshmen Hannah Isosaki- Sophomore Suzanne Johnson- Senior Elise King-Senior Catie McMahon-Senior Christine McMahon-Sophomore Danielle Mitchell- Senior Mackenzie Patten- Sophomore Natalia Rivas- Senior Janie Smith-Sophmore Meagan Smith- Junior Cassie St. John-Sophomore Mikayla Westgerdes-Freshmen Meagan Wright- Freshmen   Coaches: Chris Layne- Head Coach Daniel Corriher- Assistant Coach
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Men’s Tennis

  Team Mickey Brown – Senior Colin Bumann – Freshman Chris Heldman – Sophomore Stephan Joiner -Junior Sebastian Jonsson – Junior Jackson Lenoir – Freshman Andy Pullen – Senior Heath Read – Freshman Carlton Tugman – Freshman Wade Tugman – Junior   Coaches Ryan Reynolds – Head Coach John Lucchesi – Assistant Coach Randy Belt – Assistant Coach

Women’s Basketball

Team #2 Allison Jones – F – Freshman #3 Jasmine Carter – G – Sophomore #4 Kristian Moses – G – Sophomore #5 Kylie Russell – G – Sophomore #10 Johnesia Good – G – Senior #11 Casey Jones – G – Freshman #12 Shannon Jewett – F – Sophomore #14 Chelsey Weddle – G/F – Sophomore #15 Jaimee Hill
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Women’s Cross Country

Team Heather Exline – Senior Megan Gaspardo – Junior Ashley Hansen – Senior Catie McMahon – Senior Christine McMahone – Sophomore Danielle Mitchell – Senior Mackenzie Patten – Sophomore Natalia Rivas – Senior Meagan Smith – Junior Cassie St. John – Sophomore Meagan Wright – Freshman Coaches Chris Layne – Head Coach Daniel Corriher – Assistant Coach Jana Hollins –
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