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The Odyssey

Milligan’s performances of The Odyssey took place April 11-14. The show was a beautiful display of theatre finesse and craft. Pamela Adolphi did the set and lighting designs; the music was created by Brad Easteridge; and Richard Major of course, directed the show. The visuals of the show were the most breathtaking part of the show, adding an element to the show that would not have been able to be obtained in any other way. It really brought the show to life.

The cast was the best possible cast that could be obtained for this show with Colin Blowers playing the part of Odysseus, Paul Blower playing Homer/Poet, Danielle Moore as Penelope, and Jonathen Mehl as Telemachus. They were only part of a wonderful cast who came together to create a beautiful show.

This show holds a special place for Richard Major and, after over twenty years of wanting to direct this show, he finally had the opportunity. And, as he said himself, he could not have asked for a better cast.


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