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Winter Jazz Concert

When you think of jazz, what’s the first thing to come to mind? Louie Armstrong, George Benson, or Dizzy Gillespie may be the first things, but what about bluegrass? Not many people think that bluegrass would fit into a setting such as jazz, but thanks to an amazing performance on November 19th, it was proven that it could. The Milligan Jazz Ensemble and the ETSU Bluegrass Band joined together in perfect harmony for a concert that that was truly spectacular. The way it combined a musical standard, such as jazz, and a style so close to home, it was a night of fun and easy listening. While listening to this amazing performance is a good way to experience a different style of music, it was also a way to understand the origins of the music to begin with. Daniel Boner, director of bluegrass at ETSU, stated “I’m confident that the audience will leave Seeger Chapel with a good understanding of how jazz and bluegrass share some common ancestry.”

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