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Celebrating Milligan Authors

One event that took place on Homecoming weekend was the first ever book reading, an event in which seven authors from the Milligan community read excerpts from their books. This celebrated the works of Del Harris, Clint Holloway, Pat Oaks, Leann Blackmoore, Dr. Pat Magness (reading an essay she contributed to a book), Samantha Baugus, and Dr. Kevin Brown.

Our first reader, Del Harris discussed his new book On Point, which is a book connecting sports stories with life lessons all based on Biblical support. The author following him, Clint Holloway, was drastically different as he read us his children’s book. Using rhyme, humor, and a marriage ceremony, the story teaches kids about how the letter ‘q’ is never found without ‘u.’ Next, the audience was treated to a sample from Pat Oaks’ collection of short stories. The two tales she read aloud were about a child purchasing too much bologna and about the same child getting caught stealing an orange from the store and learning a lesson in grace. Our next reader was Dr. Pat Magness, a contributor to Faith in Writing, a book honoring Dr. Jack Knowles. She read her excerpt, which is an analysis on a poem. Leann Blackmore was the fifth author. She had written a Bible study entitled Obscure No More. It is a study based on the obscure characters in the Old Testament. We next heard Samantha Baugus reading an excerpt from her novel in progress, The Line Between, a fantasy story which centers on class conflict in the fictional land of Angorina. For our last reader, the audience was treated to several poems from Dr. Kevin Brown’s collection of poetry, Holy Days. He had attempted to write a piece every day for a year and got many of his ideas from the liturgical calendar.

Altogether, the book reading was both entertaining and thought provoking. It was wonderful to hear from so many authors and experience their various writing styles and subject matter. Hopefully this event is a sign of similar events coming in the future.

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