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The Secret Garden Musical

The fall musical production “The Secret Garden” was performed during Homecoming weekend and completely sold out. It was produced by Richard Major and directed by Dennis Elkins. They were joined by Charlotte Anderson as vocal director, Kellie Brown as conductor, and Melanie Yodkins as stage manager.  The show is centered on Mary (Carshala Davis), whose parents die from cholera in India. After their death, she is sent to England to live with her widower uncle, Archibald Craven (Brennan Tracy). It is a place full of mystery along with cries in the night that seemingly belong to no one.  Without the knowledge of her uncle, Mary finds a secret garden that once belonged to her aunt, Lilly  (Lauren Holt), and proceeds to make it her own. She also makes new friends, Dickon (Jonathan Mehl), who teaches her how to work in the garden, and Colin (Shae Judge), who is her crippled cousin. In the end, Mary manages to bring life into her uncle’s home as well as to the secret garden.  The actors and actresses gave wonderful performances which were complimented by the set, costumes and light design.

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