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SEPA Conference

A  group of Milligan students made the long trip to The 55th Annual Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, held in New Orleans.  The three day conference featured the undergraduate research of students from many colleges. It is kind of like the QEP program that got approved during the SACS re-accredidation at Milligan.  Participating students completed a study and formed an abstract  to be submitted by November. The work the Milligan students do can assist the students should they choose to enter grad school. It is a big accomplishment.  Brittany Camp won a PSI CHI award, receiving $300 cash. PSI CHI is the international honor society in psychology. It was founded in 1929 and has been offering opportunities and conventions for psychology students for many years.  The conference featured many presentations by scholars from around the nation. Among the speakers was Adrian Raine. Raine delivered an interesting speech titled “The Brain Basis to Crime: Ethical and Legal Implications.”

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