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Presidential Inauguration

Milligan College saw its 15th president, Dr. Bill Greer, inaugurated in a special service at Seeger Chapel on October 28.  The ceremony was made up of friends, family, students, faculty and delegates from other institutions and associations. Also in attendance were U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander and U.S. Rep. Phil Roe. Alexander presented the keynote address for the occasion.  Greer’s inaugural address celebrated the history of Milligan and its future prospects. The address was shaped by three main points: scholarship, community and faith.  “My vision for Milligan College is that in the area of scholarship, we will continue to build our academic reputation,” Greer said in his address.  “In the area of community,” he continued, “we will build an even stronger sense of Christian and collegiate community. And in the area of faith, we will continue to change lives and shape culture through a commitment  to Christian leadership.” Not neglecting to acknowledge the success of his predecessors, Greer spoke of the success of Dr. Marshall Leggett and Dr. Don Jeanes, Milligan’s 13th and 14th presidents.  The changing of the Presidential Medallion from Jeanes to Greer signified a new chapter for Milligan College. As Greer walked to the podium, he received a standing ovation from the crowd.   After Greer finished speaking and sat down, there was a quick joining of hands with Jeanes, suggesting an acknowledgment of the bridge from the past to the future.  Greer was offered blessing and goodwill by representatives of the academic and Christian communities, the college board of trustees, the faculty and staff,  students and alumni.  Believing the right choice was made, all offered encouragement to Greer as well as expectations of continued success and advancement for Milligan College.

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