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It was a warm and sunny day when 214 new Milligan students lined up in front of Seeger Chapel eagerly waiting for the ceremony to begin. On August 20, the Matriculation Ceremony was held in the Mary B. Martin Auditorium in Seeger Chapel.  At a turning point in their lives, new students signed their names to the books, preserving their place in Mlligan history.  Matriculation is the process of enrolling in part of a body or a community, and community is highly valued at Milligan College. The ceremony acts as a symbol of unity, which brings students together from different backgrounds. The Matriculation Ceremony goes back many years in Miligan’s history. According to the P.H. Welshimer Library Archives, it is “apparent that Matriculation was once tied into or the registration process.” However, the official “signing in” process began in 1957 and continues to this day.  The books with the students’ signatures are preserved in the P.H. Welshimer Library’s Archives. Students can access them during the Library Archive hours.

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