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Humanities Tour: A 20 Day Adventure Through Europe

The first two years at Milligan College contain the challenging task of Humanities. These courses are extensive studies into what it means to be human which challenges students in ways they  never thought possible.  Every summer a group of students go on the renowned humanities tour which fills the requirement for the second semester of sophomore humanities. This past summer 35 Milligan students got to visit Ireland, Wales, England, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.  Usually, the students that attend the Humanities tour are sophomores; however, this year the faculty made an exception and allowed two other students to attend. One of those students was Freshman Taylor Martin whose favorite part of the tour was Paris and its beautiful Eiffel Towel.  “Watching people walk around revealed a lot about their culture,”  Martin said.  The other underclassman that attended the tour was Sophomore Shawn Raley. His favorite part was visiting family while vi

siting  Dublin.






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